District 20 Lodge Visits Southern California Chapters

March 16, 2013

District 20 Lodge's visitation to Southern California Chapters.

Several Chapter Visitations by DG Pam Martinez

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District Governor Pam Martinez visited many chapters including Melita #119, Alkandre #43, SLC Charai #79, Philia Chapter #380, Amphitrite #151.  

Ventura, California Visitation

February 20, 2011

Ventura, California Visitation February 20, 2011

Redondo Beach, California Visitation

November 6, Year

District Visitation to Redondo Beach, California.

Supreme President's Visitation


Supreme President's visitation in Chandler, Arizona.

Temecula, California Visitation


Temecula visitation by DG Pam Martinez 

Santa Barbara, California Visitation

September 17, 2011

District Visitation to Chapter Delos in Santa Barbara, California September 17, 2011.

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